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Reward days, get-to-know-each-other trips or an outing to ease exam stress - we’ve got you covered! All packages encourage teamwork, communication and are exercise in disguise... but whatever your objective is, your students are going to come away having had a BLAST!

LaserZone packages are suitable for students from the age of 6 years and we can accommodate up to 33 players in each mission (30 in Brighton) - multiple missions will be run to accommodate larger groups. Packages are available for a minimum of 10 students, Mon-Fri during term-time from 12pm to 4pm. If you would like to arrange an earlier time slot, or tailor your package, please contact us to discuss your requirements!

Mission Type Mon to Fri
2 Games of LaserZone
+ Unlimited squash
Term-Time only, book before 4pm, minimum 10 players
Pow & Chow
2 Games of LaserZone
+ Buffet style pizza
+ Unlimited squash
Term-Time only, book before 4pm, minimum 10 players
Mini-School-Mission & 4D Golf (LaserZone Castleford only)
1 game of LaserZone
15 holes of 4D Golf (next door to LaserZone)
Term-Time only, book before 4pm, minimum 10 players


Use the button below to be taken straight to the group bookings page - this will require full payment to secure the booking.

If you have over 33 players (30 in Brighton), would like to be invoiced or have special requirements, click here to drop us a message.



Available from here


Give your students meaningful rewards! We send you 10 certificates each term (no strings attached) that include a free game voucher - 30 per year. Each certificate has space for a name, achievement and tear-off free LaserZone game voucher. Additional certificates/vouchers are available from £5.00ea (T&Cs apply). Register your school for LaserZone's OnTarget scheme using the form below.

I agree - From time to time, we would like to send you details of offers and events that are suitable for school groups. We will never pass your details on to third parties and you can unsubcribe at anytime.*
After you've submitted your OnTarget registration request, we'll verify your details and process your application. We'll contact you in due course to confirm acceptance of your school onto the scheme. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

  • The On-Target Scheme is a non-contractual ‘good-will’ scheme made available at the total discretion of LaserZone. Acceptance and enrolment onto the scheme is on a case-by-case basis. Qualification following application is in no way automatic and LaserZone is under no obligation to enrol any applicant onto the scheme. Applications may not be accepted for any number of reasons, which may not necessarily be related to the applicant, eg limits on number of schools enrolled at any one time. As such, LaserZone may refuse admission onto the scheme without giving a reason.
  • Certificates are to be handed out to individual students to positively reinforce/reward achievements, effort, behaviour, targets, etc. Schools cannot use certificates towards or as part of excursions, class outings, group bookings, etc. They are for students to take home for individual use outside of the school system/environment.
  • On-Target is only valid for schools. Qualification as a school is at the discretion of LaserZone. It may include special schools, faith schools, free schools, academies, city technology colleges, state boarding schools & private schools.
  • On-Target is not available for non-school groups such as youth organisations, young people's centres, clubs etc.
  • A school must have 100 students to receive the full quota of 10 certificates per school term. If a school has less than 100 students, the allocation will be worked out on a pro-rata basis of 10%, eg a 20 student school would receive 2 certificates per term.
  • Subsidiaries, departments, subsections or divisions of schools will not be treated as an individual applicant, but as part of the school as a whole; which will deplete the certificate quota available for the entire school. How a school decides to distribute their certificates is up to them and LaserZone will operate on the basis that the applicant, be it a department or subdivision of the school, has the authority to sign-up on behalf of the entire school.
  • The scheme may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  • Schools may be added to a waiting list should there be no places available on the scheme. Acceptance onto the scheme will be for a period of one school year (ie 3 terms) at which time renewal may or may not be automatic dependant on the number of schools enrolled and/or waiting lists.
  • Free entry vouchers attached to certificates have their own T&Cs in terms of validity and expiry. See vouchers for further information. Rules of Play and venue T&Cs apply.
T&Cs may change any any time. All rights reserved. E&OE.

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