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Quick Book

Looking for the perfect way to rally the troops? We've got it covered...

If you’re looking for somewhere different to host your next teambuilding activity, office Christmas party, to bid farewell to a beloved member of staff, celebrate a success story or simply reward your staff for all their hard work then take a look at what we have to offer here at LaserZone.

Teambuilding Package - Includes 4 games & drinks

LaserZone is an ideal way to bond a new team, encourage competition, promote communication and leadership or simply have lots of fun. We can tailor a package to suit your needs, or you can use our set schedule.

Teambuilding Package - All In Set Price  
Up to 33 players, Mon - Fri before 4pm*
Up to 33 players, all other times £750
*not valid during published school holidays

Example Package

Mission 1 - Team Laser Blast

Warm up & get to grips with the kit & playing arena. Find your feet and settle into working as part of a team. Everyone receives individual scores this time around so that the glory-seekers can bask before the real selfless teamwork begins!

Mission 2 - Capture The Base

There’s no 'I' in this game. Players are encouraged to strategise and sacrifice their individual scores for the greater good. Defense plays an important role in this mission as the only way to emerge victorious is to zap the opposing teams' base station and triumph as one unified team.

Mission 3 - The Eliminator!

An exciting strategy mission, where the lowest scoring player is automatically ‘eliminated’ every thirty seconds! The team finishing with the most players wins. Great to promote selflessness!

Mission 4 - The Finale

Put everything you’ve learned into practice: Play your favourite game again, or choose something new.

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